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Buttery, breathable, softer with every wash. Discover better sleep in our iconic Signature Sheets.

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Quality takes time, so we hand harvest the finest 100% organic materials. We prioritise thread quality, not thread count, spinning, weaving, and finishing each thread with relentless consideration. Our difference makes a difference, so you can sleep better at night.

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“Their prints are fabulous, they’re uber soft, and their packaging is adorable”


“Sweet Freya loving her buttery soft bodysuit and blanket”


“We love our new crib sheets such beautiful print and so super soft.”


“The sheets are the softest most cuddly things I have ever felt!”


“The sheets are the softest most cuddly things I have ever felt!”


“The sheets are the softest most cuddly things I have ever felt!”


Who We Are

What We Do?
At Pickle & Pumpkin, we create uniquely soft, stylish, and safe baby bedding and clothing. Our products are made from long-grain GOTS certified organic cotton, ensuring the softest and purest fabrics without any harmful chemicals. Located in sunny California, our designs embody a chic, nature-inspired vibe. We proudly partner with Fair-Trade, GOTS certified factories in Asia, that employ local craftsmen and are regulated to ensure fair wages and safe workspaces.
What does ‘Pickle & Pumpkin’ Mean?
During pregnancy, mothers often develop unique cravings, and one popular craving, especially in Indian culture, is pickles. "Pickle" represents these irresistible cravings, signifying the unique experiences and desires that come with this incredible journey. Additionally, "Pumpkin" symbolizes the baby—a precious little one who brings immeasurable joy and warmth into a mother's life. Together, Pickle & Pumpkin represents a mother's cravings for the life she nurtures. It encompasses her needs and desires for a safe, cozy, and beautiful experience for both her and her baby as they continue to grow beyond the womb. Our brand represents a mother's cravings for the life she nurtures, offering a range of thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted GOTS certified products. From our soft and temperature-regulating sheets to our cozy apparel, every item is created with the utmost care and attention to detail.
Giving Back
What's better than cozy snuggles? Making a meaningful impact. At Pickle & Pumpkin, we believe in giving back. That's why we donate 1% of every sale to @responsiblecharity working at the grassroots level to bring about real social change. We proudly support @responsiblecharity to combat generational poverty. Their initiatives focus on delivering progressive education, birth control, healthcare, and direct financial assistance to children and their families living in slum communities. With every purchase you make, you join us in making a difference and helping to end generational poverty. Together, we can create a brighter future for those in need.
Mother holding baby wearing soft and comfortable Pickle and Pumpkin clothing

Have A Question?
We Have The Answer.

Why do you use organic cotton?

Everyday products contain countless untested and unregulated chemicals, some known to be harmful. Opting for GOTS certified organic products significantly reduces our loved ones' exposure to these dangers. Organic cotton, particularly gentle on delicate baby skin, minimizes the risk of allergic reactions.

How do you ensure your products are truly organic?

At Pickle & Pumpkin , ensuring authenticity is our top priority. We meticulously source our materials from certified organic suppliers, adhering to rigorous standards such as GOTS. Our commitment extends through every step of the production process, ensuring that from farm to finished product, our offerings remain truly organic. Transparency, accountability, and a passion for providing the best for your little ones drive our unwavering dedication to delivering genuinely organic products you can trust.

Are your clothes treated with flame retardants?

No, our clothes are free from flame retardant treatments. We prioritize the safety and well-being of your little ones by crafting our garments with care and adherence to stringent safety standards. Our commitment to providing organic and natural products extends to avoiding unnecessary chemicals, ensuring a pure and gentle experience for your baby.


We typically ship orders within 1-4 business days, however during times of high order volume please allow up to 7 business days. We don’t ship on weekends.


We allow exchanges within 30 days. All items applicable for exchange must be unwashed, unworn and in original condition with original packaging and tags. A store credit for the item amount will be issued within 3 days after return is received. $6.99 will be deducted from your store credit for the return shipping label. Please use a poly mailer or bubble envelope to return items. Additional fees may apply for returning items in large boxes. Initial shipping costs are not eligible for refund.

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